Loxworth Capital is a venture capital company that focuses on driving growth and expansion within its portfolio. We are passionate about sustainability and community. We consider ourselves strategic partners who provide operational value to the businesses we own.

Loxworth is hands-on and collaborative; we provide clear strategic advice and guidance to meet each business's specific requirements.

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We develop and improve companies that have a conscious approach to business, a purpose of a sort. Something they stand for beyond a mission statement on the wall of the HQ. We do this by providing mentorship, strategic steering as well as financial and operational processes that support their mission, while maintaining our commitment to ethical business practices.



Our extensive knowledge of various industries across the world, from government security projects to hospitality enterprises and from multi-national corporates to family businesses, gives us the expertise to deal source with credibility as well as to understand the nuances needed to grow our various portfolio companies. Our aim is to develop and reshape our start-ups by building successful business strategies and operational models.



We regard ourselves as a forward-thinking team that is skilled in identifying raw talent and exciting business ideas as well as creating a cohesive culture. We are committed to respecting and appreciating diversity and differences and we believe this is a reason investors, advisors and companies want to work with us.



We partner with individuals and organisations of every size to drive new growth through creativity and innovation. We re-imagine the fundamentals of our businesses and ecosystems. This collaborative approach allows us to extend our reach to focus on long-term sustainability and value creation, thereby improving investor returns.